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Below find recommended links.

American Military University
Excellent Military Instruction
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Fellowship in the Intelligence Community
Counter Threat Training
Training for a variety of counter threat scenarios.
Flying Tigers Sport Parachute Center
Located at Anderson County Airport, Anderson, South Carolina
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
The Foundation of All Intelligence Disciplines
National Military Intelligence Association
Support the Intelligence Community
National Parachute Test Center
Military Parachute Training, located at Dunnellon, Florida
Northcentral University
Paula C. Brancato
Actor/Writer/Business Woman
Pensacola Design
Web Site Development. Tell them what you want, and P. Design will make it happen.
Psychological Operations - Past & Present
Royal Lao Airborne
The Royal Laotian Airborne Association
United States Army Security Agency (ASA) -
Must View!
United States Parachute Association
News & Events
University of Maryland - University College
What is Terrorism?
A broad write-up on this phenomenon.
What ISIS Really Wants
READ! Decide For Yourself